SYNOPSIS: Keshub lives adventure every day as he defends his flock from predators and proves himself among older brothers. But tales from caravanners stopping at his family’s way station evoke dreams of adventure beyond the horizons of his own valley in the midst of Canaan. Is he ready for the danger he will encounter when he meets the unloved son of the evil king of the Amorites? Can he deceive his own family to hide the rescued son and a member of the king’s harem? Live the tension of imminent invasion as the Hebrews approach. Too young by far, he becomes a spy keeping watch over the Hebrews' movements in the Jordan Valley. Is the greater enemy the ones across the Jordan River or their neighbor, the despicable king? In the end, Keshub becomes a major player in the life of the leader of the Hebrews.



"This delightful account of life in the days of Joshua, leader of the Israelite Conquest of Canaan, is enhanced by the author’s colorful turn of phrase, her delightful insight into the ways of children, and her patent desire to make biblical truth relevant to readers of all ages. Here one will experience solid learning interwoven with joyful, sanctified “filling of the gaps” that make the ancient text alive again in language of the heart.”  - Eugene H. Merrill, PhD, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Old Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

"Shepherd, Potter, Spy--and the Star Namer tells the story of the Hebrews' arrival in Canaan from a new point of view. A young Gibeonite shepherd's eyewitness account captures the tension in the ancient land of Canaan. Accurate descriptions of the terrain give the Bible student new insights into this historical event of the Late Bronze Age. The use of the archaeological artifact known as the Gezer Almanac adds credence to the timeline the author constructs." - Bryant G. Wood, PhD, Director of Research, Associates for Biblical Research, Akron PA.

"… I enjoyed this book immensely. At 375 pages, it is a meaty read. Consolver’s writing skill brings Biblical events to life. How fascinating to hear the tale of the Hebrews’ advance from a young shepherd boy who is scared but trusting, first in his father, then in God. Keshub’s character development is enjoyable to witness. Consolver, who has taught Sunday school for 35 years and even participated in an archaeological dig and visited Gibeon, brings this story to life." - Product review by Melissa Batai, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2017

“What character development!! Loved Keshub and the many lessons he learned as he proceeded quickly though different phases…. Loved the depiction of the Israelite in the wilderness, dying of snakebites, and the Bronze serpent. And mostly, I loved the fleshing out of Keshub's father, who appears to be a depiction of God the Father, with his careful guardianship over his family's safety, beliefs, training, and absolute love coupled with a great sense of justice.
I cannot recommend this book enough. I received it from in exchange for an honest review.” Babbling Becky on Amazon page.